Bible Covers - Protecting Your Bible

Being a dedicated Christian means that you also consider your Bible as one of the most important things in your life. Thus, it is no surprise that you would want to take care of it by using Bible covers.

For Christians, they need to use their Bibles every single day, if you flip through the pages, you’ll see writings on the pages, highlights, or maybe they have to have it every day with them. Meaning, wherever they go, their Bible has to be in their side, causing wear and tear to their precious book.

If you belong to this category, then it is only right to prevent your Bible from getting extra damage from using it too often. Investing in Bible covers is one of way of providing protection to your Bible instead of having to buy a new one again.

Before, people were actually thinking twice of having Bible covers, but now, that has changed. Of course, the minimal use of covers before was hardly surprising since the variety of covers were quite limited. However, today, you can just about find any kind of cover you want, something that will suit your style and personality.

Of course, using any kind of Bible cover will help protect your Bible and keep it from wear and tear.

However, some people like to showcase their style and personality through the Bible covers that they have. Even though the classic black canvas bible covers are still best sellers, there are so many more choices available for the buyer.

Today, Bible covers display various unique and interesting designs fit for any personality. There is a whole barrage of covers that suit your age, profession as well as lifestyle as a Christian. Most of these covers are usually made from canvas as well as polyester.

Some of these covers include a zipper, a pen holder, and a carrying handle as a minimum. Here are some of the most common varieties of Bible covers that you can buy.

Men and Women

Men usually like Bible covers that have form, but serves its function as well. For instance, men go for covers that are usually functional, like covers that might have plenty of pockets so it can double as an organizer. As for color, most men like dark colors, maybe black or dark blue along with simple designs.

Alternatively, women usually prefer covers that have more pizzazz and style. They also make vibrant color choices.


For teenagers, the choice of Bible covers usually range between covers that extend their personality or enhance their sense of style. For instance, teen girls usually like the hot pink color, while other teens prefer that distressed and worn out look of the cover.

For teenage boys, they might prefer something more edgy. They usually go for covers that have bold statements printed on them, something like, “Hardcore Christian,” or “New Rebellion.” Some Bible covers are even made with a strap, so it can function as a body bag which is perfect for young adults and teens.

It doesn’t have to be a tough task when looking for the right Bible covers. Protecting the most precious book in your life means not thinking twice about getting the Bible covers it needs.
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